Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog, Flickr, Twitter and Violeta Vintage

Today is all about trying to get myself out there a little more...I have never really 'done' Flickr, joined any groups (in Flickr or Etsy)! It all takes so much time and, as a two-finger typer, it really is time-consumingly painfully slow! but needs must... I'm trying to update my Vintage shop- I have a good 20+ things to list, and a good 20 more to yet photograph. And this is only the vintage...my other two shops are being seriously neglected, I have well over a 100 things that I've made and could be listed on my 'Wild and Beautiful' site...tomorrow...
So, some exciting news, in trying to get myself out there I have paid for a advertising slot on the wonderful Heartomatic site, which will run from tomorrrow for 4 days on the carousel and from next thursay for seven days on the sidebar!

The first image is my advert (what do you think?) and the second, a selection of some of the new clothes in Violeta Vintage

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