Monday, February 1, 2010

It's been a while...

Well folks its been a while, months in fact, since I last updated my blog. So busy with a million and one things; juggling being a full time mother with working full time...but thousands manage it a and more! So no more excuses! I will now be updating my blog at least once a week but will try and aim for everyday! There's so much amazing stuff I want to share- This city, Barcelona, for a start; The local flea market that has the weirdest and most amazing bargains ever; of course all the stuff that I'm making each week for the local craft market and online shop; the amazing vintage finds for my online vintage shop; my art work; and, well, just a million and one pretty, weird and beautiful things that I stumble across each day. Its difficult to keep consistent when i have a billion interests and I'm so fickle with a very short attention span but I'm at least going to try and be consistent with updating this blog!

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