Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Place= even bigger project than first thought!



Kids room


Okay so we have little more than a week left before we move into our new home...panic? me? YES! I'm just hoping that it all magically comes together! Well, enough for it to be habitable! Whilst most women at 7 months pregnant are painting the nursery and choosing little outfits we are trying to get hot water, a kitchen, walls...oh and a bath would be nice! It's all very exciting though...eeeeeek!
Love these photos. Elqui had to do a 'new space dance' for each 'room'. Made me laugh :)

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  1. elkui should really be a little red indian, he looks like one and as you are the higher wafa mama!!! dalring your new retro space is fantastic and once you have the bunting up and mint green walls and all your yummy creativity in there ...ill be jealous...dont forget a drawer for abby is all you need, bowl baths (atleast its spring!) and a kebab shop. camping!