Monday, March 21, 2011

Studio Space...

Okay so the photos are later than promised and it's taken me a lot longer than hoped to get back to 'normal' but this week I'm going to really really try to get it together! The big baby belly isn't helping matters but I have to say that I love this time in the pregnancy! Just six weeks to go and a mountain of stuff that I hope to do! I'm trying to be super productive now and stock up on lots of vintage and materials for when the little bub arrives! Encants again today and although I found no great vintage (a couple of sweet dresses is all) I did buy myself a fab Dries Van Noten jumper for 3 euros! Cant be bad!!!

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  1. que bueno quedó el estudio!!!... Genial... los felicito chicos cuanto que han trabajado,... que sean muy felices!!!